Scott Smith
Ep. 04

Scott Smith

Episode description

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting Scott on our show, where we delved into his captivating journey through the world of mountain biking. Scott’s narrative began with his roots in BMX riding and the pivotal role played by Seth Alvo in his transition to the realm of mountain biking. He vividly painted a picture of his post-Crankworx 2018 experiences, shedding light on the attention he garnered and his deep-seated passion for free ride biking. With a blend of BMX influences and mountain biking ambitions, Scott shared his quirky attempt to integrate pegs onto his Enduro bike, showcasing his innovative approach to the sport. Our conversation reached its peak as Scott recounted his recent escapade at the Dylan Stark jam in California, where he thrived on pushing boundaries, networking with fellow riders, and immersing himself in the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere.

Moving forward, Scott and Dale reminisced about their unforgettable adventures at bike fest in Bentonville. Dale painted a vibrant picture of the event, highlighting the unique opportunities to engage with industry aficionados and biking icons amidst bustling crowds. They shared their excitement and the thrill of participating in the YT dirt jump jam alongside seasoned professionals, cherishing the electrifying moments that defined the event. From heart-pounding riding sessions to forging lasting bonds with friends and riders alike, the bike fest extravaganza left an indelible mark on their souls, embodying a weekend brimming with camaraderie and jubilation.

As we engaged in dialogue with Dale and Scott, they recounted their escapades in Bentonville with a tumultuous tornado. The storm’s impact on the local community tugged at our hearts. Dale’s passion for storytelling through film captured our attention, offering a lens into the enthralling world of documenting adventures and cherishing shared experiences. Our conversation meandered through the landscapes of freeride biking, social media’s transformative power in sports sponsorship, and the unwavering support of the biking community during trying times, painting a tapestry of shared passion and solidarity.

Scott’s profound appreciation for the diverse tapestry of creativity interwoven in different sports shone through as he explored the role of social media in spotlighting individuality and authenticity among athletes. We explored the avenues for monetizing content through digital platforms and sponsorships, transitioning from BMX to mountain biking was dissected, unearthing insights into skill crossovers, personal fitness regimens, and the magnetic allure of community engagement, the dichotomy between clipless and flat pedals, alongside the influence of bike selection on mastering advanced tricks, illuminated the nuanced world of biking progression and equipment choices.

Wrapping up our conversation, we traversed a myriad of topics – from preferred bikes and treasured biking locales to forthcoming projects and technological marvels like electronic shifters and seat posts. With heartfelt gratitude towards his supporters and a poignant nod to the Austin biking community, Scott hinted at an upcoming street edit venture, acknowledging the validating essence of his journey. The air resonated with appreciation for his wife and the robust biking community, symbolizing the interconnected fabric of unwavering support and shared passion woven through their biking odyssey.